Mix Plants

Amerind has been manufacturing AN/FO and AN/FO – EMULSION mix plants and packing equipment for over 45 years. The industry relies on the proven design, performance and durability of an Amerind mixing and bagging plant. Capacities vary from 4 to 12 tons per hour. The option of additive feeders is a common design or the addition of an emulsion product. Emulsion products are packaged through the Amerind cartridge packer which can package product from 2.5” to 9” tubes. The systems are available with hopper level controls in the main surge hopper that will automatically keep the mixing system operating. High and low hopper level controls are also available in the final product to start and stop the mixing system for a complete automatic operation. Accurate diesel fuel oil monitoring is accomplished through an in line flow meter with precise control over the mixing percentage.

Standard designs are:

  • A-10 Simple AN/FO mixer
  • A-12 AN/FO mixer with the addition of a hammer mill where all the Ammonium Nitrate passes through the hammer mill
  • A-15   AN/FO mixer with a hammer mill with the option to adjust the amount of Ammonium Nitrate that passes through the hammer mill form 0-100%

All the above systems are available in varying discharge rates with the option of additive feeders. If a custom mix plants is required, contact us for an engineered design that meets your requirements.

Click to see Photos of our Mix Plants: