The Amerind BLEND MASTER - Our Closed-Loop Control & Safety System

Take control of your inventory and loading process with the simplest and most comprehensive system available. The Amerind BLEND MASTER is a closed-loop loading, product totalizing, and safety system. It continually monitors the inputs from the hydraulic motor speed sensors and other probes to maintain the exact blend formula, delivery rate programmed, and safety condition.

The BLEND MASTER is extremely easy to operate through the user friendly screens. The parameter screen allows the operator to enter the product to be delivered (% AN, % emulsion, % fuel oil, % gassing), the delivery rate and delivery amount. When the run button is pressed, the equipment will immediately adjust to the input settings and stop when the programmed amount has been delivered. Each screen will display the amount of each product loaded per hole and end of day totals.

The safety systems are continuously being monitored during the loading process. If an unsafe condition occurs, the loading process will stop and the BLEND MASTER safety shutdown screen will display the problem.

The versatility of the BLEND MASTER is unmatched and custom designed screens and functions can be programmed to match your particular needs. Don't be forced to accept the limitation of other manufactures controls. Let Amerind design the BLEND MASTER especially for you.

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