Blend Trucks

Blend trucks are slightly more complicated than a plain AN/FO truck because of the added capability of blending an emulsion product into the AN/FO mixture. The blend truck can produce any product from 100% AN/FO to 100% emulsion, if desired. The usual blend percent is normally around a 70% AN/FO - 30% emulsion blend which is why the normal capacities of the AN to emulsion is a 70/30 ratio. As in the AN/FO truck controls, the blend truck can be manually controlled from outside, electric controls in the cab, electric controls through a pendent control, or radio remote control. Ammonium nitrate capacities can vary from 4 to 15 tons while the emulsion capacity can vary from 500 to 3000 gallon. With over 50 years of bulk truck manufacturing, let the staff of expert engineers design a bulk truck to meet your needs. Please use the bulk truck request form in the contact us portion of the web site.