About Amerind

The Amerind bulk mixing trucks and stationary mixing systems have been built tough since 1963 to handle the abuse and rough conditions of the blasting and mining and mining industry.

The Amerind staff of expert engineers and fabricators stand ready to design and build just the right bulk blending truck to meet your specific needs. Our built to last trucks and mixing systems are the finest examples of bulk loading integrity; critically planned to assure consistently accurate blends. The one-man controls are simple to maintain, easy to understand and operate and positioned to allow the operator complete, distraction-free control at the blast hole.

Amerind trucks feature heavy duty torque motors run in parallel supplied by two or three stage PTO driven gear hydraulic pump or by piston pumps. All products contact surfaces are fabricated from stainless or carbon steel.

The full line of Amerind trucks include overhead and side-auger AN/FO trucks, blend trucks, emulsion bland and pump trucks with 5 to 20 ton prill payloads. The overhead model allows for loading blast holes within a 25' radius of the back or sides of the truck. The side auger version loads blast holes spaced 25' or more apart. Stationary mixing systems are available from 6 to 12 tons per hour for both AN/FO emulsion systems. Packaging can vary from semi-automatic to full automatic weighing systems. Bag sealing from sewing machine, whether automatic or by hand, to heat sealing, to valve bag, to tube cartridge bag. A broad range of options including the cab controls, load cell weighing systems, in cab hydraulic override controls, AN/FO Emulsion capability, are available.

Amerind blasting trucks are now in service in more than 15 nations worldwide - including North and South America, Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the middle East - with complete service and parts available for overnight delivery.

To learn how to get the best solution for your explosive situation, call Amerind Vice President Randy Erb at 800-573-6322 or e-mail us.